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The dangers of selecting a waste carrier.

Did you know that you have a legal responsibility or "duty of care" when selecting who removes your rubbish or clears your garden/garage/house?

Did you know that if things go wrong, unless you can prove you chose wisely the criminal responsibility can (and often does) stop with you? Even if you didn't fly tip in person the law sees it as your fault for hiring an improper person without checking who they are and how trust worthy they are. And it's usually easier to go after you, than them if any evidence is contained within the rubbish. The crime is "joint and several", which means they can go after you, them or both. So you can end up with a fine and a criminal record.  


Just like this lady

"Mother-of-five hit with a £500 fine and a criminal record after the 'man with a van' she found on Facebook fly-tipped her rubbish down a leafy lane"

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3551568/Mother-five-hit-500-fine-criminal-record-man-van-Facebook-fly-tipped-rubbish-leafy-lane.html#ixzz4sBnfjFL3 

Did you know that if you pay someone to take away your waste they can't simply take it to the council dump for free?

The councils do not allow commercial businesses including your waste carrier to tip for free. They are expected to go to a commercial tip and pay by the ton to dispose of it, and it's expensive. It costs around £160 per ton. If they sneak it in to the council you could be implicated, it's effectively fly tipping the council. 


So what do I need to check to prove I tried to be responsible?

  • That they are licensed 
  • Ask where they are to tip the waste (If it's the council, reject it)
  • You need to ask for a waste transfer note that includes their license number, their contact details, where they picked the waste up from, a description of what was collected and where the waste is to be taken to. They have a legal duty to leave a copy of this with you.
  • If it's too cheap then something is up, if they have charged you £20 to take away a wet sofa weighing (100kg) that on it's own costs £16 to tip before fuel is accounted for! You as a "reasonably intelligent person" are expected to be aware of the law and realise that doesn't add up. 


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